Conference Website
National Conference on Emerging mechanisms and responses of cities to climate change
Ushahidi for TARU
Customizing the Ushahidi Platform for TARU
Alta Vista International FZE
Trading firm based in Dubai
Signare Design Studio
Architectural Design firm based in Bangalore
Clay Club
Ceramics, Hand-made paper and Architecture
NC Architects
Architectural Design firm based in Ahmedabad
Environment friendly, alternative materials manufacturer
Architectural Design office in UK
Vaibhav Arekar
Classical Indian dance artist and teacher based in Mumbai
A Cube Inc
Website for Anuj and Anand Ambalal
Anthill Design
Collaborative Architectural design studio based in Ahmedabad
Matha Chhaj
Mathachhaj is a partnership firm which produces and installs thatch roofs
Indigo Architects
Architecture design firm based in Ahmedabad
Iora Studio
Architecture, Landscape Design design firm based in Ahmedabad
Mayank Loonker
Exhibition Designer and Faculty at NID, Ahmedabad
Structural Engineering Digest
Online version of SEDigest, magazine for Structural engineers
Dr. Durgesh Jhaveri
Senior Dentist based in Ahmedabad
Environmental Design Consultants
Landscape Architecture & Planning firm based in Ahmedabad
Design Engineering firm based in Ahmedabad
Kamal Mangaldas
Senior Architect based in Ahmedabad
Vishal Mehta
Transport policy consultant based in Ahmedabad
Indian Society of Advertisers
Peak national body for Indian Advertisers
Nikunj Choradiya
Architect / Sculptor based in Ahmedabad
Rajiv Vyas
Architect based in Ahmedabad
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